On-target Radio Imaging and Radiotherapy

Starget is engaged with the design and development of innovative peptide-based Smart Targeted Radioligands (STRs) to deliver high-focused radiation for the imaging and therapy of cancer. STR is a peptide-based molecule designed to bind and deliver a payload of radiation specifically to biological targets that are overexpressed in cancer compared to normal cells. This highly focused radiation then damages the DNA in the cancer cells, leading to selective cell death and tumor shrinkage. Due to their unique molecular interaction with the target, STRs act with high sensitivity and precision, enabling effective radiation targeting tumors and metastasis.

Overcoming Challenges of Innovative Targeted Radioligand Therapy

Targeted radioligands are drugs. Like any anti-cancer drugs, they must be efficacious, but most importantly, they must be tolerable to the patient i.e., therapeutic window. The drug must do it precisely, consistently, and tolerably. Therefore, developing STRs is a multidimensional challenge comprising multiple interfaces, including medicinal chemistry, nuclear oncology, and radiopharmaceutical sciences.

Effective and precise STRs rely on the design and delivery of radioactive molecular entities with drug-like properties to enable overcoming the challenges such as:

  • On-target nanomolar affinity and selectivity
  • Backbone and chelation biophase stability
  • Biodistribution of tumor uptake versus total body and organ-specific clearance

Peptide-based Backbone Dynamics Technology

Our core proprietary platform technology is focused on the 2D and 3D dynamics of peptides backbone. This molecular engine enables a powerful generation of multidimensional molecular diversity focused on a selected peptide-based pharmacophore scaffold. By this approach we design and facilitate a rapid discovery of STRs with drug-like properties as candidates of targeted radiotherapies for multiple targets in cancer.

The peptide backbone dynamics platform technology is an integrated peptide-based drug design and discovery engine.  We are generating peptide-based radioligands by rational drug design, multiple parallel synthesis, and phage display libraries. We introduce conformational constraints to the ligand backbone to stabilize its on-target bioactive conformation (i.e., affinity and selectivity), followed by medicinal chemistry and nuclear oncology approaches to bolster lead compounds with molecular entities for improved pharmacokinetics and tumor uptake.

Four technology modules are applied to a peptide ligand to boost the radiotherapeutic drugability of its pharmacophore.

Backbone Cyclization

Optimized stability, affinity & selectivity

Building Blocks Toolbox

Optimized stability of isotope chelation and backbone assembly

Auxilliary Molecular Entities

Optimized on-target bioavailability

Physical Boosters

Optimized pharmacokinetics & biodistribution

Transforming peptides into
smart targeted radioligands

Starget Pharma is giving cancer patients new hope by harnessing the power and versatility of peptides. By utilizing peptide Backbone Dynamics Technology, we transform peptides into successful Smart Targeted Radioligands (STRs) for effective and safe imaging and treatment of cancer.

Transforming peptides into targeted anticancer radioligand vectors

Starget Pharma is giving cancer patients new hope by harnessing the power and versatility of peptides. By utilizing Backbone Dynamics Technology, we transform peptides into successful Targeted Radioligand Vectors (TRVs) for the imaging and treatment of cancer.