Pioneering the
next breakthrough

We are working to unleash the full power of nuclear medicine by advancing a pipeline of promising targeted radiotherapy for hard-to-treat cancers.

As a platform technology company, our discovery engine of Smart Targeted Radioligands (STRs) makes it possible to prioritize winning radioligands using a fast-track approach with early evaluation in cancer patients. We are committed to developing our most promising winning compounds as next-generation targeted radiotherapy to improve the life quality of hard-to-treat cancer patients.

First-in-class SSTR3 lead compound

One of Starget’s significant breakthroughs is discovering and developing a novel first-in-class super-agonist and super-selective targeted ligand of the Somatostatin Receptor 3 -SSTR3.  Overexpression of SSTR3 is indicated in various types of cancer, such as soft-tissue, neuroendocrine, skin, and liver cancers.

DOTA-PTR-58 is a DOTA-conjugated backbone cyclic peptide that delivers targeted radioactive payload to cancer cells. DOTA-PTR-58 is investigated as a theragnostic pair for the clinical imaging and treatment of patients with SSTR3-positive tumors and metasthesis.

This lead compound is nearing clinical trial with first-in-human clinical data obtained.