New Hope for
Cancer Patients

Starget Pharma is an early-stage clinical company developing a new class of Smart Targeted Radioligands for precision oncology of hard-to-heal cancers.

Smart Targeted Radioligands (STRs) enable targeted delivery of highly focused radiation precisely to tumoral and metastatic cancer cells while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.

We are transforming peptides into next-generation radiopharmaceuticals using our proprietary peptide-based backbone dynamics technology platform. Backbone dynamics is an advanced form of peptide drug design based on our backbone cyclization technology originally pioneered by our medicinal chemistry team. By this engine, we are bolstering peptides’ 2D and 3D molecular diversity and facilitating the rapid selection of winning radioligand candidates.

Starget Pharma is dedicated to advancing the science of cancer radiotherapy and to offering a beacon of hope for cancer patients and their families worldwide.

Accelerating Targeted
Radiopharmaceutical Evolution

Targeted molecular radiotherapy is an emerging, clinically validated, and highly promising diagnostic and treatment approach in nuclear oncology of advanced metastatic cancers.  

It is a revolutionary form of precision diagnosis and treatment of cancer that utilizes the same molecular vehicle as a radioactive imaging tracer to enable differential diagnosis of tumoral lesions and to deliver targeted radiotherapy to kill these cancers. This effective and clinically validated approach results in a broader therapeutic window compared to instrumental radiation therapy of metastatic tumor lesions for patients with limited or non-existent treatment options.

Recently approved on-target molecular radiotherapies (radioligands) have shown promising results in treating various cancers, including prostate and neuroendocrine tumors. These novel developments are expected to play an increasingly pivotal role in the future of cancer treatment.

Our Mission is to Accelerate the Discovery, Design and Development of Novel, Targeted Radioligands for a Broad Range of Cancers, Faster and at Scale.

Cancer-seeking Smart Molecular Vehicles

Radioligands comprised of two key elements: a radionuclide (chelated radioactive isotope) used for imaging or treatment and a molecular ligand (i.e., peptide) used for delivery of radiation on-target.

Starget Pharma has unmatched expertise in the molecular engineering of peptide-based radioligands. By utilizing our core platform technology of peptide backbone dynamics, we introduce into the designed backbone of peptide pharmacophore distinctive 2D and 3D properties to boost their drugability as targeted radioligands. This integrated molecular diversity approach enables us to maximize the efficiency of innovative peptide-based radiopharmaceutical developments, including enhanced stability, on-target affinity, selectivity, and optimized biodistribution profile for a broader therapeutic window.

Using our novel proprietary platform technology, we transform peptides into Smart Targeted Radioligands (STRs) that serve as smart molecular vehicles to navigate and deliver highly focused radiation into cancer lesions precisely and safely.

Peptides Backbone
Dynamics Technology

Proprietary core  technology for rapid discovery and design of first-in-class druggable STRs

Our unique benefits

First in Class

Discovery engine of novel radioligand by STR hits Unmet molecular targets in Cancer

Platform Technology

Peptides Backbone Dynamics
Transforming peptides into smart TRVs

Molecular Diversity

2D/3D molecular diversity
Multiple targets CombiChem and BioChem

Fast Development

Integrated from bench to bedside
Early proof of clinical relevance (FIH)

Broad Pipeline

Novel STRs for a broad cancer range

Molecular Engineeering

Pioneering peptide-based
drug discovery and development

Powering an Evolution
takes experience

Starget was founded in 2019 by a multi-disciplinary team of experts in peptide-based drug discovery and development and business entrepreneurs to solve the problem of designing novel drug-like targeted radioligands for a broad range of cancers.

We are now an early-stage clinical-stage company, deeply committed to boosting cancer care with our platform technology and pipeline in the coming years.

Starget’s leadership team is unique in the medicinal chemistry and nuclear oncology domains. It includes senior scientists in peptides medicinal chemistry, molecular pharmacology, drug discovery and development, and business entrepreneurs.